Top 50 HR Twitterati – 2015

We’ve tuned out the HR noise to bring you the worthwhile voices on Twitter: the real thinkers, the content creators, the powerhouse recruiters, small business leaders, and entrepreneurs. We’ve also had a stab at measuring their reach.

To determine the size and level of engagement in each influencer’s audience, we used their Twitter follower count and two recognized social influence measuring tools, Klout and Kred. The more the audience engages with the influencers content, the higher their Klout and Kred scores are.
Learn more about the metrics and tools we used.

Here’s a quick legend for the metrics we used:

Number of Twitter followers

Klout Score

Kred Score

Table of contents
The Generalists
Company Builders
HR Tech

The Generalists

Tweeting on talent and culture to leadership, tech and law.

Jennifer McClure, HR expert

Jennifer McClure Cincinatti

Jennifer McClure’s engaging take on the future of HR has built her a massive social following and a career as a sought-after keynote speaker. She features regularly on HR Top Lists and industry-leading blogs.

What employees need to be “Happy”: 1) sense of connection 2) sense of meaning 3) impact 4) good at their job @a_manning#indeedinteractive

— Jennifer McClure (@JenniferMcClure) May 22, 2015

41.8K 863 74


Trish McFarlane St. Louis

CEO and Principal Analyst at H3 HR Advisors. Co-host on HR Happy Hour radio. Webinar host and Co-founder of HRevolution.

31.5K 841 74

Kris Dunn

Kris Dunn Atlanta

Founder of Fistful of Talent and HRCapitalist blogs. VP of HR who has worked Fortune 500s and startups.

33.8K 835 60

Tim Sackett, HR expert

Tim Sackett Lansing, MI

There isn’t much in HR Tim hasn’t done. He’s got generalist experience across many industries and focuses particularly on recruitment and sourcing.

26.6K 857 65

Sharlyn Lauby, HR expert

Sharlyn Lauby South Florida

Sage behind the friendly, approachable HRBartender blog. Tips on everything from leadership to office politics. Writes for Mashable.

20.2K 796 70

Michael VanDervort

Michael VanDervort Florida, Georgia, Amsterdam

US-educated Dutch wanderer with blogging tendencies. Expert on HR and social media.

22K 833 62

Robin Schooling, HR expert

Robin Schooling Louisiana

HR industry leader, strategist, writer, and speaker in New Orleans with a knack for simplifying complex topics.

19.7K 869 66


Jay Kuhns Atlanta / Tampa Bay

Florida-based HR executive with the mantra “no excuses”. A prolific blogger and speaker.

19.3K 451 64

China Gorman

China Gorman Nevada

Workplace culture and leadership expert. Former CEO of Great Place to Work Institute, which teaches companies to do what you’d expect.  Former COO of The Society for Human Resource Management.

15.7K 797 66

Naomi Bloom, HR expert

Naomi Bloom Southwest Florida

Influential figure in HR and managing partner at her own firm,Bloom and Wallace in the US. Speaks, blogs and often goes off topic.

15.2K 855 N/A

Suzanne Lucas, HR expert

Suzanne Lucas Basel, Switzerland

The agony aunt of HR. Under her stage name Evil HRLady she answers any and all of your questions.

15K 796 65


The best in talent acquisition, sourcing candidates and the hurdles of hiring.

Matt Buckland

Matt Buckland London, UK

The sharpest, most influential voice on the topic of recruiting. His blog, the King’s Shilling, is a must-read. Head of Talent and Recruiting for ForwardPartners.

Something to bear in mind when you use a grandiose title on LinkedIn…. — Matt Buckland (@ElSatanico) June 6, 2015

82.8K 924 66

Craig Fisher, HR expert

Craig Fisher TEXAS

Craig Fisher is the CEO of TalentNet and a renowned employer brand expert. His digital branding methods have been adopted by top companies such as LinkedIn, Zappos, and Hootsuite.

68.6K 870 69

Greg Savage

Greg Savage Sydney, Australia

Under the moniker ‘Savage Truth’ he consults for top Australian business. Founder of Recruitment Solutions. Speaker and author.

41.6K 887 67

Jörgen Sundberg

Jörgen Sundberg London, UK

Founder of LinkHumans, a London based social media agency. Previously in IT Recruitment and with Skandia.

41.5K 887 67

Stacy Donovan Zapar, HR expert

Stacy Donovan Zapar California

The most-connected woman on LinkedIn. Syndicated blogger and CEO, founder of TenFold Social Training consultancy.

34.8K 893 77

Shally Steckerl

Shally Steckerl Atlanta

A self-prescribed pain relief for your sourcing agony. Blogs at

22.3K 832 67

Recruiting Animal

Recruiting Animal Toronto

As the Twitter handle suggests this is not the sensitive face of recruiting. Pre-eminent recruiting radio show host.

19.7K 920 56

Gautam Ghosh

Gautam Ghosh Bangalore

Based in India with Philips, Gautam specializes in HR for large organisations. An expert on social hiring in India and beyond the subcontinent.

18K 937 70

Andy Headworth, HR expert

Andy Headworth Worthing, West Sussex, UK

Author, blogger and founder of UK-based Sirona Consulting. Expert in social media recruitment.

17.7K 840 66

Jenny DeVaughn, HR expert

Jenny DeVaughn Atlanta, GA

One of LinkedIn’s Top 10 Most Connected Women, with a growing following on Twitter. Dayjob as Snr Director of Employment Branding and Sourcing at ADP.

16.8K 798 69

Johnny Campbell, HR expert

Johnny Campbell Dublin, Ireland

Invaluable resource for information on talent sourcing with a strong focus on web and social trends.

14.3K N/A 74

Mervyn Dinnen, HR expert

Mervyn Dinnen London

Prolific blogger on the topics of social recruiting, using content for engaging talent, and the future of recruitment. Based in the UK.

11.7K 898 64

Katharine Robinson, HR expert

Katharine Robinson Reading, UK

Former winner of the title of GrandMaster Sourcer at the SourceCon conference in San Diego. Runs UK Sourcers LinkedIn Group. Sourcing specialist at @Sourcing Hat.

7K 784 55

Kirsti Grant

Kirsti Grant Auckland

Possibly the finest writer of job specs in the world. Head of Talent at Vend, the “destroyers of cash registers.”

6K 827 61

Jerry Albright

Jerry Albright Avilla, Indiana

No-nonsense, results-oriented recruiting insights and resources from a veteran in the industry.

5K 786 48

Company Builders

Our favorite follows for insight into growing great companies and nurturing talent.

Reid Hoffman

Reid Hoffman San Francisco

Reid Hoffman is the visionary investor and strategist behind today’s most successful internet-based companies: LinkedIn, Facebook, PayPal, AirBnB, and many others. He’s a partner at the Silicon Valley venture capital firm Greylock Partners.

Key point: Bitcoin/Blockchain provides an open platform like the internet as an open platform — for fintech. — Reid Hoffman (@reidhoffman) May 15, 2015

284K 905 84

Jason Fried

Jason Fried Chicago, IL

Founder and CEO at Basecamp, the project management app. Co-author of best-seller Getting Real.

149K 940 N/A

Anita Campbell

Anita Campbell Cleveland, Ohio

CEO and Publisher of Small Business Trends in Ohio. Anita writes and speaks extensively about entrepreneurship and is a known authority on small business issues.

129K 971 74

Joel Spolsky

Joel Spolsky New York, NY

Famous in dev ciricles for his blog and book on recruiting devs. Founder of Fog Creek Software and Stack Overflow.

106K 899 82

Sam Altman

Sam Altman San Francisco, CA

President of Y Combinator. Programmer, Entrepreneur and blogger whose best work includes this amazing article on hiring.

81.2K 917 73

Joel Gascoigne

Joel Gascoigne Honolulu, Hawaii

Founder and CEO of Buffer, the better way to handle sharing on social media. Good follow on company culture.

48.1K 921 67


The voices worth listening to in HR media and beyond.

Ted Coine

Ted Coine Florida

Ted Coiné’s a serial business founder, a three-time CEO, and an acclaimed speaker and writer on the topics of leadership, entrepreneurship, and social media—specifically the effect of social media on the business world.

Hire excellent people. Treat them excellently. They’ll build your business for you! #CEO — Ted Coiné (@tedcoine) June 5, 2015

444K 971 N/A

Mari Smith

Mari Smith San Diego, California

Mari Smith is the premier Facebook marketing expert. Facebook is partnering with Mari to teach Facebook’s “Boost Your Business” training series for small businesses.

368K 983 73 

Jeremy Roberts

Jeremy Roberts Dallas, TX

Mainstay of the conference circuit. Creator of cool events for recruiters and sourcers. Editor of @Sourcecon.

65.8K 808 N/A

Laurie Ruettimann

Laurie Ruettimann North Carolina

Twitter mainstay for US HR watchers. Consultant to top executives on talent and tech trends.

39.7K 898 70

Kathryn Minshew

Kathryn Minshew New York, NY

Founder of @DailyMuse and one of Forbes 30-under-30. Careers-focused contributor at Wall Street Journal and Harvard Business Review.

20.4K 793 77

Jessica Stillman

Jessica Stillman Nicosia

Globe-trotting writer with an interest in unusual career paths. Good follow for Startup CEOs.

16.8K 887 64 

Matt Charney

Matt Charney Dallas, TX

Executive Editor of Background in social marketing and self confessed HR nerd.

12.8K 859 77 

HR Tech

Cream of creators and analysts in the fast-expanding field of HR Tech.

William Tincup, SPHR

William Tincup, SPHR Texas

William is a leading thinker, writer, and podcaster on the topic of HR technology. He co-hosts DriveThruHR and has been featured on blogs such as Fistful of Talent, HRTechEurope, and HR Examiner among others.

A2. Focus on the outcomes of work rather than punching the clock being in the office, etc. #bizchats

— William Tincup (@williamtincup) June 3, 2015

247K 938 65

Jeff Weiner

Jeff Weiner N/A

CEO LinkedIn. Not an enormous amount that needs to be added.

239K 914 81

Meghan M. Biro

Meghan M. Biro Cambridge, MA

CEO of TalentCulture and Co-Creator of the lively #TChat Show. Globally recognized HR technology strategist and workplace, social futurist.

106K 977 N/A

Kevin W. Grossman

Kevin W. Grossman Santa Cruz, CA

Leading authority on HR and recruiting technology. Product Marketing Director at PeopleFluent and Co-Founder of Talent Culture’s #TChat Show.

50.7K 899 60

Steve Boese

Steve Boese Rochester, NY

HR Executive Mag columnist and co-host on HR Happy Hour show. Currently co-chair of the HR Tech Conference.

30.8K 878 66

John Sumser

John Sumser Occidental, CA

HR Tech analyst and advisor to major companies such as Glassdoor and Work4Labs.

30.2K 854 70

Ramon Ray

Ramon Ray NYC

The doyen of small business growth. Tech evangelist with Smallbiztechnology. Regular speaker and writer.

18.9K 886 72

Aneel Bhursi

Aneel Bhursi San Francisco

VC with Greylock who is also co-founder and joint CEO of Workday, a leader in enterprise cloud solutions for HR.

13.4K 768 54

Alex MacCaw

Alex MacCaw San Francisco

Co-founder of, creator of dev sourcing tool, engineer and published author.

16.1K 818 56

Bill Kutik

Bill Kutik Leafy Westport, CT

The father of the popular HR Tech Conference. Best-known as host for his own twice-weekly US radio show also tech columnist for HRE.

12K 784 N/A

The beauty of social media is that this is a continuing conversation. If you think we missed anyone, give us a shout.

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